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Seamless Flooring and Other Epoxy Coating Benefits

Whether you own a restaurant, a manufacturing warehouse, an office building with a grand foyer, or a home with a sizeable garage, you and your flooring would benefit greatly from the addition of an epoxy floor coating. How? The benefits are many! They range from seamless flooring that allows for ease of clean to the beauty of the available epoxy blends to the added durability that comes with the strength of the epoxy itself. Let’s look at the three biggest benefits in a little more detail.


Maintaining Your Garage Floors: Sweep, Spills and Sealant

Whether they’re new, old, or somewhere in between, we require a lot from our garage floors. Tools and heavy equipment are dropped onto them, trucks lumber across them constantly, and vehicle repairs are done, sometimes creating leaky messes that can leave stains. Since we can’t replace our garage floors at our every whim, it’s best to know how to care for them properly in order to keep them looking better longer.


The Perfect Garage Flooring: You’ve Got It Covered!

When you’re looking for the right type of garage flooring to install or have installed, there are a few basic questions you’ll want to answer before you even begin to look. You will save time, money and a whole lot of hassle by narrowing down the search based on things like needs, appearance and price.


Not all garage flooring is made alike, and not all garage flooring is made for all types of traffic. Will it be installed in your home, your multi-unit apartment complex tenant garage, or in your warehouse that has heavy trucks and equipment lumbering across it all day? Since there are many materials and application processes available, the first thing to do is assess your needs. This alone will greatly reduce your search time because it will narrow down the list of garage flooring types to those types that are most suitable to your needs.


 Now that you know what you’re looking for in terms of function, it’s time to think about aesthetics. Obviously, if the garage flooring is going to be installed in your home, your personality can come through more, but don’t give up function simply because you feel the need to express yourself! If you are going to be installing the flooring yourself, take a look at garage floor tiling. It comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns, is more durable than standard tile, and it’s relatively simple to lay.


This is where you’ll really need to keep your head about you. Sure, you want your garage to look like a showroom, but can you afford it? Before you begin your search for garage flooring, know your budget and stick to it.

Professional installers are a good resource to help you determine the right type of flooring to fit your needs, aesthetic goals, and budget because they are knowledgeable about all options available. So, even if you plan on doing the work yourself, it doesn’t hurt to get some guidance from a professional.


Industrial Flooring: Sydney Business Choices

In the world of industrial flooring, Sydney businesses have four main types to choose from, including epoxy, rubber, vinyl, and polished concrete. In order to determine which kind is best for your situation, you’ll need to know a little bit about each type of industrial flooring, Sydney.


 The best type of industrial flooring Sydney has to offer is epoxy. One of the reasons it is the most popular type of flooring is because it is versatile. Epoxy comes in different colours so you can be sure to find something that fits your business aesthetic. Another reason epoxy is so popular is because it is enduring. It can withstand a lot of heavy traffic while still maintaining its good looks.


 Unlike epoxy, vinyl is not well suited for high traffic areas. Vinyl is cost-effective and comes in a number of patterns and colours, but it tends to be fairly high maintenance and wears out under the stress of a lot of heavy traffic.


 Concrete can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to things like spills, mites and dust. It is also environmentally friendly and often lasts longer than epoxy flooring. However, if you have employees who will be walking and standing on it all day, you may want to consider rubber flooring instead because concrete has a tendency to lead to aches and pains when stood on or walked on for any length of time.


 Hands down, rubber is the best type of flooring for high foot traffic. It is a great insulator of noise, is easy on the joints, and is resistant to water spills. However, it’s high maintenance as far as needing to be cleaned often. It also scratches pretty easily.

When choosing the right kind of industrial floor covering for your business, you’ll want to consider your business needs first. Select based on function and quality, and what is best for your business, because you will have it under foot for a long time!


Principles of Safe Manual Order Picking

Your warehousing facility may be growing and you suddenly find yourself with more staff and space than you imagined. Posting some tips for safe manual order picking will help keep your staff from injuring themselves while working,

Pick Rates

You do not want to allow the demand for high pick rates to interfere with safety. It is important that staff is not encouraged to rush to increase productivity. Always insure the best and safest practices are being followed. Make sure staff are not working long hours without breaks, as this can lead to accidents.

The Best Working Zone

Teach staff the best working zone rules:

  • Items for manual picking should be located only on shelves that are located between shoulder and knee height.
  • Manual picking items should never be located in an area where reaching or bending is required.
  • Manual picking items should also be a safe and reasonable weight between 8-17kg.
  • Items over 25kg should never be lifted manually to avoid injury.
  • Lift close to the body and always bend with the knees not the back.

Reaching Higher Items

The higher the shelf, the higher the risk for injury. Consider keeping shelves as low as possible to keep the warehouse safe. When reaching higher items it is advised safe equipment is available for staff to access. Make sure they are kept in a safe place out of the way, yet easily accessible so staff doesn’t find it difficult to pull out for use. A platform ladder with a load lifter is the ideal equipment for out of reach items. They offer easy steps up and down from a safe platform that allows for carrying items safely and than a platform for both standing as well as another one for resting the heavy item.

Warehouse Flooring

Warehouse flooring should be as even and slip free as possible. Making sure aisles are kept free of not just objects but debris will also be helpful in avoiding trips, slips and falls. A slip free coating will also help keep floors safe from slip and falls.


Creating the Perfect Man Cave in Your Garage

The Man Cave: Every man’s dream for a perfect spot to spend some down time alone or with friends. Here are some ideas to convert your unused garage into a man cave that would make any man weep.

Electricity and Plumbing

Think about what you currently have available as far as electricity and plumbing are concerned. You may already have electrical for lights and garage door openers. Plumbing may also be available from outdoor hoses or maybe even a kitchen or laundry room backing onto the garage. Assess what you will need with a contractor who can help you with some of the work.


Chances are your garage is not insulated and you will probably want to use your man cave in the chilly months since you have your back yard and barbecue in the summer. Insulation can be pretty easy to tackle and you can then apply the walls easily. Remember if your budget allows a contractor will be able to handle this for you easily.

Garage Epoxy Paint Flooring

A great look for garage floors is epoxy paint. It is very affordable and comes in many different textures and colours. This is perfect if you are doing to a summer retreat and the floor will not require any additional insulation.


A great addition to any man cave is the man bar. You can create a great spot to hang, shoot the breeze and enjoy a cold one. Consider a wet bar as well as an area to sit with stools. You can even go all out and include a microwave to heat snacks as well as a beverage refrigerator. Add a pool table, darts or a gaming unit and you can stay entertained for hours.


Look for comfortable seating such as adjustable chairs for relaxing and watching TV. A comfy sofa is a must for entertaining and of course for that well-deserved nap!

Whether catching a game on TV, relaxing with a beer and listening to music or just hanging out, the garage offers a perfect space to convert into your man cave.

Protect Against Concrete Cancer with Concrete Sealing

If your property has concrete surfaces in your driveway and patio as well as retaining walls in your garden or front yard, you should be aware of the signs of concrete cancer to avoid costly damages.

Causes of Concrete Cancer

Concrete cancer is a terrible term but it is used to describe the breakdown of concrete caused by iron oxide leaking from rebars. Because most concrete pads and structures contain steel rebars it is not uncommon for poorly laid, old or rebar applied too close to the surface to cause leaking. Delamination occurs because oxides will expand the steel and begin to crumble, crack and break the cement apart. This is concrete cancer.

 Signs of Concrete Cancer

Here are the early warning signs of concrete cancer:

  • Discolouration can appear on concrete usually in a brownish colour like rust.
  • Crumbling is a sign of delamination, which causes “spalling”.
  • Drumming is a hollow sound you may hear if you tap on or walk over concrete.

Costly Repairs

Concrete repairs can be quite complicated and therefore quite costly. In the best-case scenario cracks can be sealed and repaired so catching cracks early is advisable. In the worst cases, spalling and cracked areas of the concrete has to be removed to allow the rusty steel to be filed and cleaned to remove the rust. If the rebar is too far-gone the rebar and concrete has to be replaced.


 Here are the best ways to prevent concrete cancer from occurring:

  • Look for standing water issues and take care of them.
  • Cracks should also be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Have a concrete sealer applied professionally on a regular basis to protect from water damage and wear and tear.

Recognizing the signs of concrete cancer and knowing how to help prevent concrete cancer from setting in will help you avoid costly repairs down the road.


Beautify Your Properties Concrete

Whether it is a driveway, walkway or backyard patio and pool surround, keeping your concrete looking great will keep your property looking cared for and turn it into a real curb appeal hog. Here are a few ideas to keep your concrete looking good.

Concrete Sealing Sydney

 Sealing your concrete surfaces will help avoid wear and tear as well as some conditions such as concrete cancer. Arranging for your concrete driveways, walkways and pool areas to be sealed will keep them in excellent condition and protect them from moss, mildew and staining. You can apply the treatment to pavers and patio stones as well.

Concrete Surfacing for Driveways and Paths

 Concrete surfacing gives your concrete a whole new look. You can apply different textures, colours and patterns to bring out the best in your driveway and walkways. Imagine matching the concrete to your homes paint colour or picking up the accents on your home such as shutters and trim or to match your garage door. You can really add to your home’s curb appeal, not to mention its value.

Concrete Surfacing and Polishing for Patios

You can also bring a much more cohesive, welcoming look to your backyard. Concrete surfacing or even polishing can help create a serene, high-end look to your garden and the colour choices are endless. You can also add texture and colour for a stone look. Perfect for outdoor eating areas, lounging and play areas for children.

Pool Surround

Your pool surround can not only look better but also become safer with a non-slip coating. You can add colours to match your pool or work together with your newly resurfaced patio. You can create a safe and stunning oasis for entertaining. You will never have to go on holiday again when you create the perfect place to relax and enjoy your down time with family and friends.

Creating Attractive Foyers with Polished Concrete

If you are looking to create a grand entrance in your foyer or front hall, polished concrete floors can create a dramatic and eye catching feel.


Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Safe with Non Slip Epoxy

A restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place with hot foods and liquids sloshing about. If you want to avoid costly kitchen staff accidents you should consider applying a non slip epoxy floor to this vital area of your business.


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