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Flooring Strategies for Challenging Layouts

When you are tackling a challenging floor plan, the flooring you lay can prove challenging as well. The versatility and seamless flooring epoxy offers can be a great solution in these tricky rooms.

Include Your Niche

Rooms with little niches can create a sense of separateness. A good way to include the niche in the room is to create a flooring border. Whether you select a lighter or darker tone you can create a border spaced slightly out from the floor boards. This frame will draw the niche into the room.

Large Rooms

When faced with a large room you can create intimate areas and vignettes. Using area rugs to accent each area works well for your floor plan, but you want a seamless flooring overall to allow the area rugs to create the separate areas. Epoxy is a smooth and seamless finish that acts as the perfect base for your conversation areas.

L-Shaped Kitchens

Consider using a border around the island in an L-shaped room to help ground it, while enhancing its focus. The L-shaped kitchen can be great for creating an eat-in space by creating an accent block of colour place like an area rug. Seamless flooring works well in the L-shaped kitchen as it allows the eye to focus on the lines of the counter or island. Epoxy flooring can work very well in kitchens as it offers durability and water resistance as well as the ability to add colour blocks.

Boring Squares

Creating an X in centre of a very square room will create 4 balanced triangles that can be coloured with the two complementary colours. This will take focus off the confining feeling of the square and open up the room. This look can work with fun colours for a child’s room or play area, or in a more sedate room such as a den by using neutral earth tones, or elegant black and grey or black and cream. The possibilities are endless. All of these affects can be reached with epoxy flooring.

Effective Industrial Flooring Lessens Slip and Fall Accidents

For many manufacturing companies one of their largest expenses can be a result of employee accidents. Incidence of accidents in the workplace can be reduced by taking extra care in providing a safer work environment. One of the areas a business can increase safety is using the proper flooring throughout their property.

Average Claim Costs $11,000

Slip and fall accidents occur most often when areas of the workplace become slippery due to spills, cleaning products or leaks. In Australia from 2004 to 2005, slip and fall accidents cost an average of $11,000 per claim and made up for 11% of all workers’ compensation claims.

Install Slip Resistant Flooring

Installing industrial flooring that lessens the likelihood of slips will help staff avoid slip and fall accidents. Identify the issues and consider installing slip resistant flooring throughout the premises if your budget will allow. Installing new floors may not always be practical but there are many refinishing options that can suit any budget.

Floor treatments such as epoxy coatings can be very effective in offering rougher surfaces over existing floors. Other treatments include diamond grinding to add friction to the surface, but this may leave porous floors such as concrete open to staining and deterioration.

Level the Playing Field

You can actually kill two birds with one stone when introducing new flooring. Although slipping is a major contributor to slip and fall accidents, tripping due to uneven flooring, or varying floors and textures in the workplace can be just as dangerous.

Epoxy flooring or coatings will not only address the slippery aspect of your floors, but will also help even out unlevel areas of the workplace. This seamless flooring option can cover an endless area with one smooth surface and no transitions.

Consider a Redesign

If you are going to the trouble of refinishing or replacing your floors, consider having your office and common areas redone as well. The design features of epoxy flooring can build a professional, polished image for your business and can even incorporate company logos into your foyer floors.

Versatile Epoxy Floors are Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Epoxy floors have graduated to a more sophisticated level of design. Available in so many varied stone designs and custom colour options, epoxy is fast becoming the floor of choice for many designers seeking new and adaptable flooring options. There are many uses for epoxy floors both indoors and out.


The epoxy floor has always been used in garage settings due to its ability to repel harsh chemicals including oil and gasoline. Traditional use of epoxy in the garage is also due to its resistance to tire marks, its easy to maintain nature and the ability to hide imperfections of the existing concrete floor. The addition of epoxy floors can take your garage to the next level making it a much more usable space for everything from a games room to a pleasant work space. Many colour options are available due to colour flake which combines up to eight background colours with eight vinyl chip blends.

Patios and Pools

Epoxy flooring is ideal for poolside areas in your backyard, where water and slipping can be a danger. Because of the versatile nature of epoxy, its surface can be adapted to be non-slip when used in an outdoor setting where water is an issue. It also makes a durable patio coating and it is UV protected to avoid fading and discolouration.

Interior Design

Epoxy flooring is not only versatile in its uses it is also versatile in its design. Interior designers have discovered the wonderful diversity epoxy flooring offers from its finishes of matte or high polish, to its texture available in many stone details. Epoxy flooring can also be tinted to suit any décor. Epoxy flooring is not only designer friendly it is also 100 percent environmentally friendly as well which means no toxins are released into the home to harm your family.

Why Epoxy Flooring is Becoming a Design Style Trend

You never know what the next design trend might bring and this year flooring has a new favourite in epoxy. Epoxy flooring has been taken out of the garage and into the home not only for edgy, contemporary designs, but traditional, old-world décor as well.

The Benefits of Epoxy

First let’s put the design element of epoxy floors aside and look at the benefits they offer from a more functional stand point:

  • Epoxy flooring is 100% eco-friendly containing no solvents, or volatile or organic compounds.
  • It has a superior bond, ideal for both concrete and metals.
  • It is very durable and abrasion resistant for long wear and lasting shine.
  • It is water and mould resistant perfect for kitchen and bathroom use.
  • It offers a smooth surface without seams, perfect for large rooms or rooms with awkward floor plans.
  • It is hygienic and clean.
  • It is low maintenance with easy care.
  • It is UV resistant for sunny rooms or patios.

The Beauty of Epoxy

As a design element, epoxy flooring allows designers to consider multiple aspects of interest and colour. They are able to create an endless array of looks and textures, from marble like finishes to high shine, pure white, ultra modern effects. Finishes can also be matte depending on the design.

Because of its versatility, epoxy flooring can be used in any style room from ultra contemporary to old world traditional depending on the colours and affects used when applying colour to the floor. Flooring can be fun with black and white checkerboards for kitchen or foyer floors, or blended colours and natural tones for a stone-like look for living rooms and bathrooms. Designers have an entirely new medium on which to apply their creativity and a rainbow of colours from which to choose.


Get the Protection You Need for Industrial Flooring Sydney

If you are working in an industrial setting, you will need to have the right kinds of floors for your workplace. This is the kind of flooring that will help in preventing people from slipping while they are working and will prevent any cracks or breaks if something large is dropped on the floor. One of the best ways that you will be able to accomplish this is if you are able to get the best industrial flooring Sydney has to offer. Companies like E-coat can provide you with the kind of help you are looking for to get the perfect floor for your industrial company.

The Difference in Flooring

The great thing about installing this kind of industrial flooring Sydney offers is that you will not pay nearly as much for it as you would if you were buying a decorative floor through another means. This is something that can simply be poured over the top of a concrete flooring to add to the strength and beauty of the flooring you have installed. You will be able to get a much stronger floor without any of the hassle normally associated with installing a great looking floor.

What You Will Pay

The amount you will pay for this kind of industrial flooring Sydney companies offer is a fraction of the price you might expect to pay for a great looking floor. This is perfect for small businesses without a lot to spend on a new floor. Simply redo the floor you currently have and you will be able to increase the safety on your property as well as making it look great. The investment you will make into these kinds of floors will help you to prevent accidents and reduce damage to your floors making it well worth the cost.

Protect Your Garage Floors with a Decorative Finish

The garage does not have to look like a drab space. There are ways that you will be able to add to the look of your garage so it can serve more purposes. Among the best ways that you will be able to do this is through the use of a decorative finish for your garage floors. This will allow you to have the look you are going for without having to spend a lot to get it. You will be amazed not only about how great it looks, but how little you had to spend to get it.

Enhancing the Appearance of Your Garage

When you are looking to get a great new look for your garage floors, you will be able to turn to E-coat. This will allow you to get the kind of help you are looking for to seal the concrete floor and add a different look to your garage. The new look can include a shine like marble or it can include any colour you might want to have. This will allow you to have the kind of look you are going for in your garage, no matter how you want to use it.

Paying Less to Get a New Look

One of the truly great things about getting this kind of a finish for garage floors is that you will not have to spend very much to get it. The simple addition to your garage allows you to enjoy the kind of look you want while spending far less than you would if you were to add stone or anything else to your garage. Best of all, because of the composition of the finish, it will last as long as you want it to. This makes it possible for you to use your money for other things you want in your garage.

Increase the Beauty of Your Garage with Better Garage Flooring

Your garage is like an extra room for your home. The problem is that most garages do not have a floor that is conducive to standing on. Poured concrete is the standard for these kinds of floors. While this is an inexpensive way to create a place to park your car, it does not do much if you are looking to use the garage for anything other than parking your car. This is when you might think about a better way to enhance your garage flooring. E-coat offers you a solution that both enhances the appearance of your garage and provides you with the comfort you are looking for.

Enhance the Look of Your Garage

The right finish can help to make your garage go from a completely utilitarian space to one that looks like it is just another room in your home. The finish provides a high gloss shine that you will not get through any other way. It will make your garage seem more appealing to you whenever you are thinking about using the space for a workroom or for anything else.

Make Your Garage Floor More Comfortable

Another great thing about enhancing your garage flooring this way is that you will be able to make the flooring more comfortable. This is because the finish offers an additional layer on your garage floor. The layer of cushion this provides makes it possible for you to stand in your garage longer. You may even want to use this as your new workplace for doing more than just hobby stuff. It is up to you what you will use the space for. When you are finishing your garage, you can start using your garage more than you ever dreamed possible.

Why You Should Consider Installing Epoxy Floor Coating

There are many kinds of flooring available. In many environments, the concrete flooring is the common addition. This is because of the ease by which this kind of flooring can be added to the property. Unfortunately, this kind of flooring is brittle and is unattractive. You will be able to add epoxy floor coating to your property to get a different look while also offer protection to your floor. This is why it is such a great addition to your garage as well as to your industrial space. You will appreciate the difference this kind of flooring makes on your property. E-coat can help you to get the flooring you are looking for.

Protect Your Floor with Epoxy

When you are looking to protect your flooring, you can get the help you need through an epoxy floor coating. This will allow you to prevent chips and cracks in the flooring because everything will simply bounce off of the floor rather than hitting it with a lot of force. Additional protection is offered through the fact that the shock is spread out to the remaining epoxy that covers the floor. You will be able to utilise a space with this kind of coating more simply because of the protection it offers.

Add to the Look with Epoxy

Another reason why you might want to think about installing epoxy floor coating in your property is because of the way it looks. Colours and other kinds of enhancements can be made to your flooring when epoxy is involved. This will allow you to get the exact look you are going for. Best of all, you will be able to enhance the look of your property simply by adding onto the flooring you already have installed.

Styles on Polished Concrete

We provide commercial, industrial, retail, and residential clients with high quality, bulletproof, polished concrete finishes. Our polished concrete floors are of the highest standard and we are certified in the Hiperfloor System for the installation of polished concrete.

We use Australia’s number 1 floor finishing and coating system: Hiperfloor system.

Hiperfloor system provides proven, high performance, environmentally-friendly premium flooring solutions. The system has been designed to withstand the high degree of impact and abrasion found in industrial and commercial flooring applications. It can also be used as a high strength concrete patch repair, self levelling, or coving system. Hiperfloor system is solvent free – so no horrible smells!

So if you are looking for experts in concrete polishing, Sydney, then give e-coat a call today.

Work on Concrete Coating

At e-coat, we specialise in concrete coatings for industrial, retail, and residential uses. Our coatings are durable, long-lasting and also great to look at.We offer a wide variety of concrete coatings including:
Colour Flake – Durable flooring in a number of beautiful finishes.
Epoxy Flooring – protects floors and give the floor a hard plastic-like finish. Epoxy also comes in a variety of finishes.
Polyaspartic Floor Coating – Simple to maintain and tough plus excellent weathering with attractive colours.

We can install these concrete floor coatings quickly and efficiently. Our team is professional and our skills are second to none. Our concrete floor finishes are also environmentally-friendly.

The steps to a new and attractive floor.

Contact us for a free inspection of your current floor.
Based on the inspection, we provide a firm quote for the work.
Upon approval, we set up a time for the work – around your schedule, not ours. Our goal is to minimise any downtime.
Before applying the coatings, we fill all cracks and blemishes.
We complete the work – under the supervision and approval of a company principal.
Upon completion, you inspect the work and we make sure it’s been completed to meet your standards.

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We have a big beautiful home in Caringbah with a garage and storage area with raw concrete. I wanted to reduce dust to make it a suitable area for my children to play in. When it was finished the floor looked perfect! Everyone loved it, loved it, loved it. I was also very happy with the service and would be happy to recommend e-coat to anyone.