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A New and Durable Garage Floor

A home owner was experiencing a typical problem. On the current floor, the old epoxy floor was faded and delaminating. We inspected the floor and recommended removing the old coating and replacing it with a UV stable epoxy/polyaspartic colour flake floor.

We removed the old epoxy floor by diamond grinding. Diamond grinding is the most effective and safest way to remove an old coating and prepare the floor for a new coating. Diamond grinding removes any contaminants in the concrete plus it removes weak concrete residue on the surface.

We repaired the cracks using fast drying crack repair products.

We applied an epoxy primer, allowed it to dry, then applied a second coat of epoxy. We broadcast the coloured flake into the epoxy and let this dry.

On the final day of the project, we removed excess chip and applied a polyaspartic topcoat.


A colour flake that looks great, is UV stable, is non-slip, and is extremely durable.

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