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Seamless Flooring and Other Epoxy Coating Benefits

Whether you own a restaurant, a manufacturing warehouse, an office building with a grand foyer, or a home with a sizeable garage, you and your flooring would benefit greatly from the addition of an epoxy floor coating. How? The benefits are many! They range from seamless flooring that allows for ease of clean to the […]

Maintaining Your Garage Floors: Sweep, Spills and Sealant

Whether they’re new, old, or somewhere in between, we require a lot from our garage floors. Tools and heavy equipment are dropped onto them, trucks lumber across them constantly, and vehicle repairs are done, sometimes creating leaky messes that can leave stains. Since we can’t replace our garage floors at our every whim, it’s best […]

The Perfect Garage Flooring: You’ve Got It Covered!

When you’re looking for the right type of garage flooring to install or have installed, there are a few basic questions you’ll want to answer before you even begin to look. You will save time, money and a whole lot of hassle by narrowing down the search based on things like needs, appearance and price. […]

Industrial Flooring: Sydney Business Choices

In the world of industrial flooring, Sydney businesses have four main types to choose from, including epoxy, rubber, vinyl, and polished concrete. In order to determine which kind is best for your situation, you’ll need to know a little bit about each type of industrial flooring, Sydney. Epoxy  The best type of industrial flooring Sydney […]

Principles of Safe Manual Order Picking

Your warehousing facility may be growing and you suddenly find yourself with more staff and space than you imagined. Posting some tips for safe manual order picking will help keep your staff from injuring themselves while working, Pick Rates You do not want to allow the demand for high pick rates to interfere with safety. […]

Creating the Perfect Man Cave in Your Garage

The Man Cave: Every man’s dream for a perfect spot to spend some down time alone or with friends. Here are some ideas to convert your unused garage into a man cave that would make any man weep. Electricity and Plumbing Think about what you currently have available as far as electricity and plumbing are […]

Protect Against Concrete Cancer with Concrete Sealing

If your property has concrete surfaces in your driveway and patio as well as retaining walls in your garden or front yard, you should be aware of the signs of concrete cancer to avoid costly damages. Causes of Concrete Cancer Concrete cancer is a terrible term but it is used to describe the breakdown of […]

Beautify Your Properties Concrete

Whether it is a driveway, walkway or backyard patio and pool surround, keeping your concrete looking great will keep your property looking cared for and turn it into a real curb appeal hog. Here are a few ideas to keep your concrete looking good. Concrete Sealing Sydney  Sealing your concrete surfaces will help avoid wear […]

Creating Attractive Foyers with Polished Concrete

If you are looking to create a grand entrance in your foyer or front hall, polished concrete floors can create a dramatic and eye catching feel.

Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Safe with Non Slip Epoxy

A restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place with hot foods and liquids sloshing about. If you want to avoid costly kitchen staff accidents you should consider applying a non slip epoxy floor to this vital area of your business.

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