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Helping a Local Barber Replace Old Vinyl – Quickly…

Simon Terry, owner of Mankind Barber Shop in Manly Beach contacted us to address some problems he was having with his floor. It was a smaller job but we were happy to help. Simon said his current vinyl floor was starting to peel away at the edges and at the entrance. The floor was looking rough AND was a trip hazard. We had to complete the work in a day as Simon didn’t want to lose more than a day’s trade.

We recommended a polyurea/polyaspartic colourflake floor. Polyaspartics can be installed in a day and don’t have the harsh smells of other ‘older’ finishes. Polyaspartics are easy to clean and provide an excellent slip rating.


Our technicians worked through the day to remove the old floor and installed the polyurea/polyaspartic colourflake floor coating. Simon’s business was open the following day.

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