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E-Coat Warehouse Flooring

Warehouses around the world are often the headquarters of distribution to the brands we rely on for daily tasks.  They are normally the centre link to our cleaning supplies, our food, or daily material that from sun up to sun down use as a basic means for living.  E-Coat, a brand in itself, specialises in maintaining these buildings, and caring for them to see they make it to the next year with as small an impact on convenience as possible.  E-Coat specialises in floor maintenance that touches in all areas of life, and luckily enough, warehouse flooring is one of them.  They use ecofriendly materials that are resistant and durable to the daily use one can find on a floor.  Whether it is storage, driving on them, or just performing as a space for distribution, floors get a ton of use.

  • E-Coat quotes and consults for free, available at your service in the simple use of a phone call
  • The flooring options for warehouse will outlast its competition and resist the common applications treated by E=Coat up to 4X effectively
  • The cleaning costs of an E-Coat treated floor drop drastically and take a great expense to a minor inconvenience
  • E-Coat respect time as a value commodity and often times completes the job within 24 hours, minimizing your inconvenience

It’s so important to take the small detail of maintaining buildings; especially the calibre of a warehouse, and seeing that it makes it to its maximum year of life.  The expense of maintaining a building may be hefty on the shoulders, but having to rebuild a building altogether would offer a much larger inconvenience.  E-Coat will go out of their way to make sure you get a fair price, an efficient job, and in the end, a relationship that will grow with years to come.

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We have a big beautiful home in Caringbah with a garage and storage area with raw concrete. I wanted to reduce dust to make it a suitable area for my children to play in. When it was finished the floor looked perfect! Everyone loved it, loved it, loved it. I was also very happy with the service and would be happy to recommend e-coat to anyone.