A highly durable garage floor is now easy to get with E-coat garage floor coatings!

The flooring for the garage assumes high, significantly exceeding the load in the apartments. Also, the floor exposes a lot to chemicals and mechanical damage. It is so common. Therefore, the chosen garage floor coatings should be wear-resistant and durable.

The main advantages of garage floor coatings

Of course, all the coatings can be considered a rather expensive pleasure. However, this goal justifies its means since all these coatings have significant advantages. For example:

  • Strength
  • Increased resistance to abrasion
  • Chemical resistance to gasoline, and oils
  • The service life of more than 10 years
  • Moisture resistance
  • Thermal insulation
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Fire safety
  • Easy cleaning
  • Aesthetic appearance

Recommendations for beginners

  • Before laying any coating in the garage, you need to prepare the cement base thoroughly. In particular, seal all cracks and damage. If necessary, make a new cement screed. In addition, it is desirable to make the base as smooth as possible;
  • Of course, any freshly laid cement base must dry for at least 30 days before the next coating and at least 80 days for painting. Otherwise, the secondary coating may peel off very soon. It happens due to excess moisture.
  • Before any subsequent procedures, the cement floor must be carefully removed and dedusted. It is better to do with a household vacuum cleaner;
  • After dedusting with a primer in two layers. It will penetrate deeply into the cement base, thereby providing a better adhesion of the coating to the concrete;
  • Remember! All work related to the preparation of the cement floor & the laying of coatings must be carried out in the temperature range from +5 to + 25 degrees;
  • As a rule, two-component polyurethane and epoxy adhesives consist of two different substances. When mixing them, a mixture is formed, consume this within 40-45 minutes, so you always need to knead the number of components that you can consume during this time;
  • Self-laying of coatings should be carried out only after a thorough study of all the rules and installation instructions.

If you have any doubt connect with our specialist for garage floor coatings

Tips for those who choose the best way to cover a concrete floor in the garage

  • Trust only time-tested stores or sellers. As a rule, they usually have many years of experience and know quite a lot about the goods that they are engaged in;
  • When choosing a particular coating, you can always get advice from the sellers of these coatings. They will advise you exactly the coating that is ideal for your garage and your purposes;
  • Be interested in certificates of conformity and quality of the selected product. Of course, a quality product is a key to the longevity of coverage;
  • Remember that a full warranty on any garage floor coatings on concrete is valid.

The garage is a special place for many people. Here they can not only leave the car overnight but also spend hours on end performing minor repairs to the car. Many even turn the garage into a workshop and even into a place to meet friends. Such multitasking puts forward special requirements for the decoration of the garage. Everything in it must be done so that the car and its owner are in complete safety and comfort. The floor takes the greatest blow because it is on it that the vehicle will constantly drive, fuel and lubricants can spill on it & heavy tools can fall on it. The flooring must endure all these effects, so sooner or later every car owner wonders what to cover the floor in the garage. We are ready to offer you some of the best options. Connect with us now!