Seamless Flooring and Other Epoxy Coating Benefits

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Whether you own a restaurant, a manufacturing warehouse, an office building with a grand foyer, or a home with a sizeable garage, you and your flooring would benefit greatly from the addition of an epoxy floor coating. How? The benefits are many! They range from seamless flooring that allows for ease of clean to the beauty of the available epoxy blends to the added durability that comes with the strength of the epoxy itself. Let’s look at the three biggest benefits in a little more detail. 

Seamless Flooring

The beauty and function of seamless flooring is unmatched. Epoxy floor coating does away with uneven pores and pockets that can create cracks in the floor, adding evenness, shine and balance to the floor’s appearance.  It also does away with something: labour intensive cleaning. Because an epoxy-coated floor is seamless, there is nowhere for dirt, mites and debris to hide. A quick sweep and an occasional mopping is all it needs!


Beautiful Flooring

Epoxy floor coating has become an art form. The available blends allow for a variety of looks. Now, rather than your flooring just being functional, it can take centre stage and turn your office entryway into s visual representation of accomplishment and sophistication. With blends such as marbletone, stone grip and new generation, you can find just the right look for you environment. Traditional colours are available too, of course, and, those colours can be applied in block patterns if you want a truly unique look.

Durable Flooring

No matter what appearance you are going for in terms of aesthetics, when you add an epoxy floor coating to your existing concrete, or other surface, flooring, you are adding longevity and strength to your floors. The seamless flooring created by epoxy coatings resists damage caused by chemical spills. It also prevents cracks and chips in the flooring due to equipment driving on it and heavy objects falling.

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