When You Want a Low-Maintenance, Great Looking, and Extremely Durable Floor, Choose Concrete Coatings from e-coat.

At e-coat, we specialise in concrete coatings for industrial, retail, and residential purposes. Our concrete coatings are durable, long-lasting and look great in your warehouse, retail floor or residential space. We offer a wide variety of concrete coatings including

Colour Flake – Colour flake concrete floor coating creates a durable floor with impeccable style. A great subtle yet decorative touch to any space, industrial, retail or in your home. Colour Flake Concrete coating uses a combination of epoxy and amines. With eight standard background colours and eight standard vinyl chip flake blends, you can create a concrete floor finish to meet the needs of your individual property. Colour flake concrete flooring is a popular choice in garage floors, cafeterias, schools, hospitals, retail spaces and more. A great, versatile, durable and elegant option for your concrete flooring needs. 

Epoxy Flooring – The E-Coat eco-friendly epoxy concrete flooring system is a durable and colourful coating for industrial, retail and residential floors. The epoxy concrete floor coating is an option that provides a smooth, multi-coloured floor with plastic-look finish. We ‘seed’ snowflake sized pre-coloured acrylic ‘flecks’ into an epoxy resin overlay. There are also options for single colour finish. With a seamless smooth-concrete coat finish, this surface option is ideal for garages, small offices, patios, bathrooms and other places that need defense from the threat of tough stains.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating – The perfect option when looking for the toughest of concrete coating flooring options. Quick to apply and easy to maintain, Polyaspartic concrete flooring is extremely strong and tough, offers a choice of attractive finishes, is durable and easy to clean. Perfect for walking surfaces, retail flooring, malls, courtyards, entry and lobby spaces and more. 

Polyaspartic concrete flooring is also excellent when considering weathering, and available in a range of great colour options.

With a great range of concrete coating options for your floor space, E-Coat can install these concrete floor coatings quickly and efficiently for you. Our team is professional and our skills are second to none. Our concrete floor finishes are also environmentally-friendly, to ensure we are providing top quality solutions with minimal-impact on the environment.

The steps to a new and attractive Concrete Coating floor.

1 Contact us for a free inspection of your current floor.
2 Based on the inspection, we provide a firm quote for the work.
3 Upon approval, we set up a time for the work – around your schedule, not ours. Our goal is to minimise any downtime.
4 Before applying the coatings, we fill all cracks and blemishes.
5 We complete the work – under the supervision and approval of a company principal.
6 Upon completion, you inspect the work and we make sure it’s been completed to meet your standards.

Click on any of the coatings above for additional information or contact us here. You can also call us on 0447 774 004.