Seamless Epoxy Flooring

For Tough Coating that Resists Oil, Grease, and Liquids, Choose e-coats Eco Friendly Epoxy Flooring from e-coat

The e-coat’s eco-friendly seamless epoxy flooring system is a tough and colourful coating for industrial, retail, and residential floors.

Our eco-friendly epoxy floor coating provides a smooth, multi-coloured floor with a plastic-like finish. We ‘seed’ snow flake sized pre-coloured acrylic “chips or flecks” into an epoxy resin overlay. You can also choose a single colour finish.

The seamless flooring finish is impervious to common stains such as oil and grease and the system is therefore ideal for garages, small offices, patios, bathrooms, rumpus rooms, and more.

Our before and after shot below, shows how much difference there can be, and that no matter how dirty or damaged, we can bring it back like new! Click on the image for a more detailed view.

The Benefits of the e-coats Eco Friendly Epoxy Flooring System:
Provides a seamless finish (without grout lines).
Highly resistant to wear and tear.
Water resistant.
Clean and hygienic.
Extremely resistant to dirt and oils.
Several designs and colour combinations.
Does not pick up dust.
Stronger than concrete.
UV resistant.
May increase the value of your property.
Mould resistant.
“Shiny” finish is an option.
It’s a coating that will last for several years and get your facility or home looking its best.

A Strong Finish

Epoxies are polymer materials that begin life as liquids and are converted to the solid polymers by a chemical reaction. Epoxy systems contain resins and hardeners. Once mixed, these components will react chemically and link together irreversibly. After the chemical reaction, they will form a rigid plastic material.

Epoxy flooring can be applied over many different materials, including steel, concrete, and wood. However, concrete is the best ‘base’ surface for epoxy floors. Properly preparing the surface for Epoxy floor coating is extremely important.

Steps to Take for Epoxy Flooring Preparation

If you are looking to have epoxy flooring, Sydney, our flooring specialists will provide you with a professional and high quality service. The e-coat team is reliable, friendly and experienced.

Inspect the current surface for substances and materials that need to be removed.
Test the concrete surface to see if it’s clean.
Clean the uncoated concrete.
Remove paint (if necessary).
Repair surface defects including cracks, loose concrete, and holes.
Shot blast, scarify, or diamond grind the surface. Acid etching may also be used.
Apply the epoxy.
For a consultation to see if Epoxy is a good choice for your facility or home, contact us here. You can also call us on 0447 774 004.