What are the services you provide?
We provide concrete finishing, polishing, and flooring solutions in Sydney and the surrounding areas. The end result is long-lasting and highly durable floors.
Will coatings help to lower the maintenance costs?
Yes. The cost of cleaning can decrease significantly once the refinishing and polishing is complete. Remember…damaged or worn floors can lead to expensive maintenance and safety problems.
How long do coatings last?
Longevity depends on traffic type and traffic volume. You can expect 5-10 years for industrial areas experiencing semi-trailer and forklift traffic with heavy weights and skidding wheels. During the initial consultation, we can give you a sense of how long the coatings will last.
Which areas do you service?
Most of our work is in the Sydney area but we can tackle projects throughout Australia.
How much do coatings cost?
We offer a wide range of finishes. The final cost depends on a number of variables including the quality of the current concrete, the finish you select, and accessibility of the project. One goal is to ‘get the job right the first time’ so you save in the long-term by not having to re-coat a project.
Is the initial appointment/consultation free?

Yes. Call 0447 774 004 or contact us here and we’ll visit your location for a free consultation – on your schedule.

Do you guarantee your services?
Yes. We provide a 2 year workmanship warranty against peeling, blistering, and chipping. We also provide a 10 year product warranty against disintegration.
Do you have a photo gallery of completed projects?
Yes. You can go here for ‘before and after’ photos.
Can I see a sample of the finish?
Absolutely. During the initial appointment, you can see a huge range of samples. You can also visit a factory, office, or retail establishment where you can see the finished examples.
Can you provide testimonials and references?

Yes…and we’re happy to share them. Click here now

How soon can we use the finished surface?
With some of our coatings, pedestrian traffic is possible after 4 hours. You can install shelving and boxes after 12 hours and cars can drive on some coatings after 48 hours.
Who does the work?
Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced and perform our work to the highest standards.
Is it messy?
Using the latest equipment, we minimize disturbance. We use dust extractors; we tape up, cover up, and take other steps to make sure there’s no mess.
What type of coatings do you provide?
Colour flake, epoxy flooring, and polyaspartic floor coatings. These are durable and extremely attractive.
What do you like about Rhino ArmaFloor and why should I use it?
To achieve optimal results, we use Australia’s ‘Number 1’ floor finishing and coating system: Rhino ArmaFloor. We like and use Rhino ArmaFloor because it provides high performance, environmentally friendly premium flooring solutions: the best of the best. Rhino ArmaFloor can withstand industrial-strength use and we also use Rhino ArmaFloor as a high strength concrete patch repair, self levelling, or coving system. Rhino ArmaFloor is solvent free so there are no bad odours.
Is there a bad smell?
The majority of our products have low VOC’s (minimal to no odour). So…in most cases, there’s no smell.
Are your coatings slippery?
Our coatings are typically less slippery that terrazzo in shopping centres. If your project requires a ‘slip rating’ then we can achieve it.
Are you environmentally friendly?
Yes. We use the latest and most environmentally-friendly products and application methods. In years past, concrete refinishing required epoxy flooring—which meant the use of dangerous toxins and smells. Today’s technology is environmentally friendly.
Which products do you use?
For most projects, we use Australia’s number 1 floor finishing and coating system: Rhino ArmaFloor. The system has been designed to withstand the high degree of impact and abrasion found in industrial and commercial flooring applications.
Which services do you provide?
Our services include: concrete coating; polished concrete; driveway resurfacing; residential concrete resurfacing; commercial concrete resurfacing; industrial concrete resurfacing.
What type of building/property do you service?
You’ll find our work on/in garage floors; restaurants; warehouses; pubs/clubs; retail areas; showrooms; pool areas; hospitals; kitchens; airports; cold storage facilities.
Do you service residential and commercial properties?

Both. Most of our work is commercial and industrial. However, we also tackle larger residential projects. Contact us here to set up an initial appointment so we can discuss your needs.

What’s the big advantage of using one of your coatings/products?
Our coatings are 4x the strength of regular concrete.
Is it possible to get a coating that complements the architecture of our property?
Absolutely, we provide a wide range of decorative finishes. You can see these during the initial consultation.