Self-Leveling Residential Epoxy Flooring

This series of materials is a system of self-leveling two-component epoxy materials for wear-resistant floors installation in industrial facilities and decorative floors such as kitchens and dining areas in residential premises. Floors are highly resistant to water, household chemicals, and petroleum products. With the help of the roller, you can apply the material. Or by pouring, you can get a smooth flat surface, but let Ecoat worry about this and get it done for you.

Epoxy polymer self-leveling flooring is the best design option for domestic, commercial, and industrial facilities. It is a two-component mixture in the form of a working resin, creating a surface & a thickener. With its help, you can create a high-quality, durable and practical coating that will last at least 15 years without losing its characteristics and appearance.

Epoxy self-leveling floors have excellent operational and aesthetic properties. Epoxy floors are often equipped in residential premises, as they allow you to create a unique design with various patterns. Residential epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly. It makes them reliable for apartments, residential buildings, medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, production, and warehouse facilities related to the food industry and pharmacology.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy self-leveling floors: Advantages 

The main advantages of the residential epoxy flooring include:

  • High wear resistance, strength to mechanical and shock loads
  • Resistance to aggressive environments and ultraviolet: The material is not afraid of contact with alkali, acids, chemical compositions and solutions, salt, etc.
  • Does not pass water and vapors: It completely waterproofs the surface. It helps to maintain the necessary humidity in the room. It has seamless pouring technology. So there are no weak spots through which the liquid can penetrate into or out of the room.
  • Antistatic properties: The surface does not accumulate static electricity and does not cause sparking, which is necessary for industrial premises.
  • Easy and quick surface care
  • High maintainability: If you find any damage on the top layer of the epoxy floor due to any actions, then it can be quickly restored with the help of simple actions and a small amount of the finished composition without the involvement of special equipment.
  • Affordable cost.

Epoxy flooring is perfect for residential and industrial spaces. Pouring should be performed by an experienced team that understands the basics and knows the nuances of this business well.

Residential epoxy flooring is superior in quality to standard types of flooring – ceramic and porcelain tiles, laminate and linoleum, parquet, and wooden finish floors.

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residential epoxy flooring                            residential epoxy flooring

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