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Hi I’m Ben Livingston from a coat concrete floor finishes. We are a Sydney based floor coating company. we specialise in polyaspartic floor coatings, epoxy coatings And polished concrete. What makes our coatings unique is the ability to be able to install a full system in less than one-day and return to service in just four hours. We are here at the Queen Victoria building in the Sydney City When we have been commissioned to remove the old Vinyl And replace it with a colour flake polyaspartic Floor coating. We have been working for the last week at night removing the old Vinyl floor, grinding the concrete And replacing it with a hard wearing flexible polyaspartic floor coating.

We finished the floor at 2 am and it was open for trade at 6 am. These coatings a nonslip, uv stable, Chemical and And I abrasive resistant. I can be applied to garages, restaurants, show rooms factories, walkways, driveways, the Applications are Endless. Out Informative website will take you through a full range of finishes.