When designing a warehouse it is worth proceeding from its future maximum workload. The racks create the main static load. Whereas various warehouse equipment moving loads creates the dynamic load. Therefore, it is worth planning the height of the storage, the location of passages and passages, the place and type of racks for cargo, also determine the type of transport facilities used in the warehouse. Floors for the warehouse should not have slopes and irregularities, as in this case the risk of damage to goods during transportation and storage increases, so the choice of material and installation of the coating is one of the most serious and important tasks, and it should be approached as responsibly as possible. The higher the racks for storage, the more flat the floor in the warehouse should be. To create a bearing part the experts always select a reinforced concrete slab along the crushed stone-sand base. The concrete warehouse is always the best option. At the design stage, the thickness and class of concrete and the size of the reinforcement are selected based on the planned loads.

Advantages of using a self living concrete floor for warehouse

The simplest option for warehouses is a self-leveling concrete floor. In addition to meeting the basic requirements for surfaces in the warehouse, it has several additional tempting advantages, such as:

    • Self-leveling floors in a warehouse are the best choice for creating a perfectly flat surface. Due to self-leveling, they form a flat surface;
    • Ease of repair: To correct minor damage, you will only need to properly prepare the base and apply the mixture again to the site;
    • The ability to choose any color from a wide range of colors. Staining polymer and polyurethane compounds are not difficult, they are easily pigmented
    • Quick installation in the concrete warehouse: If the preparation of the base for this coating takes time, then the installation of the coating itself is quick, and you can use the room in a few days.

How to choose the finishing coating of the floor for the warehouse?

Depending on the purpose, the floor used for the warehouse requires different coatings. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Impregnations for concrete floors are a budget option for rooms without significant power loads and heavy movement of heavy equipment. A polymer composition is applied to concrete warehouse floors, which penetrates the upper layer of concrete, increases strength & reduces dusting. Can be used for industrial premises, for warehouses, it is suitable limited.
  2. Hardening of the concrete layer with dry mixtures (topping coatings). At the stage of pouring concrete, a dry mixture is added, improving its strength and wear resistance. Use topping-type coatings in rooms with high loads and heavy traffic.
  3. Self-leveling floors allow various materials used for the warehouse to create both thin-layer and thick-layer coatings, depending on their purpose. Highly filled quartz coating belongs to the category of thick-layered self-leveling floors. It is also called armored. Thanks to the epoxy resin and quartz sand in its composition, it successfully withstands heavy loads. The polymer coating can be thin-layered – up to 1 mm. thickness. It can be used as an independent finishing coating, and also a base for polyurethane or epoxy floors.

Decorative Concrete Warehouse. Do you need new concrete floors for your industrial, Warehousing, or Storage Unit?

Concrete warehouses around Australia are often the headquarters of distribution to the brands we rely on for daily tasks. They are normally the center link to our cleaning supplies, our food, or daily material that from sun up to sun down used as a basic means of living. E-Coat, a brand in itself, specialises in maintaining these buildings concrete warehouse flooring, and caring for them to see they make it to the next year with as small an impact on convenience as possible. E-Coat specialises in floor maintenance that touches in all areas of life, and luckily enough, warehouse flooring is one of them. They use eco-friendly materials that are resistant and durable to the daily use one can find on a floor. Whether it is storage, driving on them, or just performing as a space for distribution, floors get a ton of use.

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It’s so important to take the small detail of maintaining buildings; especially the calibre of a Concrete Finishes Warehouse, and seeing that it makes it to its maximum year of life.

The expense of maintaining a building may be hefty on the shoulders, but having to rebuild a building altogether would offer a much larger inconvenience. E-Coat will go out of their way to make sure you get a fair price, an efficient job, and in the end, a relationship that will grow with years to come.