The Man Cave: Every man’s dream for a perfect spot to spend some down time alone or with friends. Here are some ideas to convert your unused garage into a man cave that would make any man weep.

Electricity and Plumbing

Think about what you currently have available as far as electricity and plumbing are concerned. You may already have electrical for lights and garage door openers. Plumbing may also be available from outdoor hoses or maybe even a kitchen or laundry room backing onto the garage. Assess what you will need with a contractor who can help you with some of the work.

Insulation of Epoxy paint flooring

Chances are your garage is not insulated and you will probably want to use your man cave in the chilly months since you have your back yard and barbecue in the summer. Insulation can be pretty easy to tackle and you can then apply the walls easily. Remember if your budget allows a contractor will be able to handle this for you easily, so contact Ecoat today and we will install epoxy paint flooring for you.

Garage Epoxy Paint Flooring

A great look for a garage floors is epoxy paint. It is very affordable and comes in many different textures and colours. This is perfect if you are doing to a summer retreat and the floor will not require any additional insulation.


A great addition to any man cave is the man bar. You can create a great spot to hang, shoot the breeze and enjoy a cold one. Consider a wet bar as well as an area to sit with stools. You can even go all out and include a microwave to heat snacks as well as a beverage refrigerator. Add a pool table, darts or a gaming unit and you can stay entertained for hours.


Look for comfortable seating such as adjustable chairs for relaxing and watching TV. A comfy sofa is a must for entertaining and of course for that well-deserved nap!

Whether catching a game on TV, relaxing with a beer and listening to music or just hanging out, the garage offers a perfect space to convert into your man cave.