If you are looking for an office reception design that will offer high impact, speak to your brand but not break your budget; decorative concrete floor finishes may be the answer.

Myriad of Colours

You can create the look and feel you want with a myriad of colours available. You can choose the colours on your logo to help carry through the feeling of your brand or create a feeling that best suits your line of work. From glossy whites for a clean look for medical clinics to elegant creams, dark browns and blacks for professional offices or interior designers you can reflect your business completely and effortlessly.

Create a Logo

Decorative Concrete floor finishes allows you to introduce your logo into the design or just a simple pattern. You can even use colour to help direct people to the proper area or create fun designs with arrows pointing to different services you have laid out in the design.

Safety Finishes

You can also opt for non-slip finishes perfect for businesses with high traffic or that will cater to seniors. Non-slip floors are just as decorative but are designed with both form and function in mind. You can be certain that people coming through your lobby area will be safer in inclement weather where dripping umbrellas or wet boots can pose a hazard.

Conference Rooms and Staff Lounges

Decorative Concrete floor finishes can be used throughout the office to carry on the look of your reception area. Conference rooms can be branded or just made to look clean and professional with easy to care for floors as opposed to dirty worn carpeting. Staff lounges where spills can happen when lunches are prepared or a celebratory cake is smeared are easy to clean as opposed to carpeting where wear and day to day spills will look old and messy very quickly.

As you can see there are many practical applications for decorative concrete in your office.