Concrete is one of the leading materials that coat the floors of many of the most basic designed buildings.  It may not even come to mind to the common consumer, but those responsible for its maintenance, it is a top priority after installing polished concrete floors.

What a building is made up of, is a factor in regard to the cost of proper cleaning to it, the common durability and length of time it is expected last.

There are procedures to lengthen its lifespan so why not take it into consideration?  That is where E-Coat comes in and becomes a general thought to a piece of common sense.  Common sense because rather than figure out how, they have all the working knowledge and professionals to installing polished concrete floors and maintain it.  Concrete can be found in the composition of several types of buildings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail stores
  • Airports
  • Clubs/Pubs
  • Cold Storage Facilities

These are all places that as people we rely on daily.  Maybe not all at the same time, but they are all directly involved with everyday living.  They each hold vital status in various aspects.

By properly polishing the floors after installing polished concrete floors you get a floor that will be very low maintenance.

The cleaning cost as a whole will drop drastically, and over time the investment of polishing will pay for itself.  The chore of having to properly clean it with various materials will go away and become a convenience with the new ease of simply polishing it.  They use an advanced floor process called hiperflooring, which is eco-friendly and extremely fast an efficient.  There is no construction required, which means that the job can be finished in a very short time frame, minimising your inconvenience.  This team of professionals is at your disposal at a reasonable price; so if you are an owner or maintainer of any concrete establishment, put your hope in the right corner.  Talk to the guys at E-Coat and see what they can offer you.