For many manufacturing companies one of their largest expenses can be a result of employee accidents. Incidence of accidents in the workplace can be reduced by taking extra care in providing a safer work environment. One of the areas a business can increase safety is using the proper industrial floor coverings throughout their property.

Average Claim Costs $11,000

Slip and fall accidents occur most often when areas of the workplace become slippery due to spills, cleaning products or leaks. In Australia from 2004 to 2005, slip and fall accidents cost an average of $11,000 per claim and made up for 11% of all workers’ compensation claims.

Install Slip Resistant industrial floor coverings

Installing industrial flooring that lessens the likelihood of slips will help staff avoid slip and fall accidents. Identify the issues and consider installing slip resistant flooring throughout the premises if your budget will allow. Installing new floors may not always be practical but there are many refinishing options that can suit any budget.

Floor treatments such as epoxy coatings can be very effective in offering rougher surfaces over existing floors. Other treatments include diamond grinding to add friction to the surface, but this may leave porous floors such as concrete open to staining and deterioration.

Level the Playing Field

You can actually kill two birds with one stone when introducing new flooring. Although slipping is a major contributor to slip and fall accidents, tripping due to uneven flooring, or varying floors and textures in the workplace can be just as dangerous.

Epoxy flooring or coatings will not only address the slippery aspect of your floors, but will also help even out unlevel areas of the workplace. This seamless flooring option can cover an endless area with one smooth surface and no transitions.

Consider a Redesign

If you are going to the trouble of refinishing or replacing your floors, consider having your office and common areas redone as well. The design features of epoxy flooring can build a professional, polished image for your business and can even incorporate company logos into your foyer floors.

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