When you are tackling a challenging floor plan, the Flooring Strategies you lay can prove challenging as well. The versatility and seamless flooring epoxy offers can be a great solution in these tricky rooms.

Include Your Niche

Rooms with little niches can create a sense of separateness. A good way to include the niche in the room is to create a flooring border. Whether you select a lighter or darker tone you can create a border spaced slightly out from the floor boards. This frame will draw the niche into the room.

Large Rooms Flooring Strategies

When faced with a large room you can create intimate areas and vignettes. Using area rugs to accent each area works well for your floor plan, but you want a seamless flooring overall to allow the area rugs to create the separate areas. Epoxy is a smooth and seamless finish that acts as the perfect base for your conversation areas.

L-Shaped Kitchens

Consider using a border around the island in an L-shaped room to help ground it, while enhancing its focus. The L-shaped kitchen can be great for creating an eat-in space by creating an accent block of colour place like an area rug. Seamless flooring works well in the L-shaped kitchen as it allows the eye to focus on the lines of the counter or island. Epoxy flooring can work very well in kitchens as it offers durability and water resistance as well as the ability to add colour blocks.

Boring Squares

Creating an X in centre of a very square room will create 4 balanced triangles that can be coloured with the two complementary colours. This will take focus off the confining feeling of the square and open up the room. This look can work with fun colours for a child’s room or play area, or in a more sedate room such as a den by using neutral earth tones, or elegant black and grey or black and cream. The possibilities are endless. All of these affects can be reached with epoxy flooring.