In the world of industrial floor Coating, Sydney businesses have four main types to choose from, including epoxy, rubber, vinyl, and polished concrete. In order to determine which kind is best for your situation, you’ll need to know a little bit about each type of industrial flooring, Sydney.

Industrial Floor Coating types:


The best type of industrial flooring Sydney has to offer is epoxy. One of the reasons it is the most popular type of flooring is because it is versatile. Epoxy comes in different colours so you can be sure to find something that fits your business aesthetic. Another reason epoxy is so popular is because it is enduring. It can withstand a lot of heavy traffic while still maintaining its good looks.


Unlike epoxy, vinyl is not well suited for high traffic areas. Vinyl is cost-effective and comes in a number of patterns and colours, but it tends to be fairly high maintenance and wears out under the stress of a lot of heavy traffic.


Concrete can withstand heavy traffic and is resistant to things like spills, mites and dust. It is also environmentally friendly and often lasts longer than epoxy flooring. However, if you have employees who will be walking and standing on it all day, you may want to consider rubber flooring instead because concrete has a tendency to lead to aches and pains when stood on or walked on for any length of time.


Hands down, rubber is the best type of flooring for high foot traffic. It is a great insulator of noise, is easy on the joints, and is resistant to water spills. However, it’s high maintenance as far as needing to be cleaned often. It also scratches pretty easily.

When choosing the right kind of industrial floor coating for your business, you’ll want to consider your business needs first. Select based on function and quality, and what is best for your business, because you will have it under foot for a long time!