Polished Concrete Floors

Long known for its uncompromising durability and cost-effectiveness, concrete is becoming a versatile option for various flooring applications. Once utilised mainly for outdoor uses, concrete is now being seen in settings like retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, and even homes. When you’re in search of high quality polished concrete floors with added versatility, you can count on e-coat. With the advent of technologies in the field, consumers are able to find a wide range of colours and styles from which to choose. Concrete resurfacing and polished concrete floors offer a high lustre finish and a smooth surface, making it an ideal choice for home and business owners.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Floors?

When you’re on the market for a low cost, high quality flooring option, few choices will outweigh polished concrete. In addition to the cost, polished concrete offers the following advantages:

Low maintenance – easy to clean and repair throughout the life of the floors

No construction involved in concrete resurfacing – by using existing slab, we save you time and money in the resurfacing process
High durability – when compared with carpet, wood, and other flooring surfaces, polished concrete delivers unparalleled durability and lasting quality.
Appearance – although it comes at a low price, polished concrete does not compromise in appearance. This high lustre finish is ideal for high end restaurants and retail settings as well as warehouses and other high-impact settings.

E-Coat Concrete Resurfacing

At e-coat, we utilise the number one floor finishing system in Australia to give you the results you want. Our Hiperfloor system gives you high-performance, eco-friendly top-notch flooring solutions for a budget-friendly price. When you’re ready to transform your home or business with premium flooring solutions, the e-coat team is standing by to assist. For a free consultation, contact e-coat on (02) 9981 5512.