The lift foyers and concrete entrances to the car parks in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building were deteriorating. They were vinyl. They were unsightly and worn due to heavy foot traffic. The current floor was also slippery (and dangerous) when wet.

Building management asked us to install new floors after hours but ready for the next morning.

After e-coat technicians inspected the old vinyl floor, we recommended they remove the vinyl and install a polyurea/polyaspartic colour flake floor.

After showing our client the wide range of colour samples, they chose volcanic ash stone grip flake. This provides a non-slip medium that provides a high ‘non-slip’ rating and will be extremely durable over time—especially important for foot traffic.

How e-coat Successfully Tackled the Project

  • e-coat technicians removed the old vinyl floor using a vinyl floor scraper.
  • We diamond ground the concrete to remove old glue and to abrade surface ready for the coating.
  • We primed the floor using a polyaspartic coating.
  • We rolled a polyaspartic/polyurea base coat and broadcast the volcanic ash stonegrip flake into the wet floor.
  • After waiting 90 minutes we collected the flake, scraped the floor flat, and applied the polyaspartic topcoat.