Why Epoxy Flooring is Becoming a design epoxy flooring Style Trend

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You never know what the next design trend might bring and this year flooring has a new favourite in epoxy. Epoxy flooring has been taken out of the garage and into the home not only for edgy, contemporary designs, but traditional, old-world décor as well.

The Benefits of using a design epoxy flooring

First let’s put the design element of epoxy floors aside and look at the benefits they offer from a more functional stand point:

  • Epoxy flooring is 100% eco-friendly containing no solvents, or volatile or organic compounds.
  • It has a superior bond, ideal for both concrete and metals.
  • It is very durable and abrasion resistant for long wear and lasting shine.
  • It is water and mould resistant perfect for kitchen and bathroom use.
  • It offers a smooth surface without seams, perfect for large rooms or rooms with awkward floor plans.
  • It is hygienic and clean.
  • It is low maintenance with easy care.
  • It is UV resistant for sunny rooms or patios.

The Beauty of Epoxy

As a design epoxy flooring element, epoxy flooring allows designers to consider multiple aspects of interest and colour. They are able to create an endless array of looks and textures, from marble like finishes to high shine, pure white, ultra modern effects. Finishes can also be matte depending on the design.

Because of its versatility, epoxy flooring can be used in any style room from ultra contemporary to old world traditional depending on the colours and affects used when applying colour to the floor. Flooring can be fun with black and white checkerboards for kitchen or foyer floors, or blended colours and natural tones for a stone-like look for living rooms and bathrooms. Designers have an entirely new medium on which to apply their creativity and a rainbow of colours from which to choose.

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