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E-coat predominately services greater & Central Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong, however, we have completed work in Newcastle, Canberra, Orange, Southern Highlands, Bathurst, Muswellbrook and even Brisbane.

Let Us Upgrade Your Concrete Flooring



      Our company name is e-coat, a compilation of 2 words eco as in ecology & coat as in coating.

      With our experience we can convert your dusty grey concrete into an attractive, functional work or storage space. Having solid relationships with all Australian suppliers and manufacturers were are across the latest technologies with many of our products very prominent in the “green space” making them environmentally friendly

      You’ll find our Concrete floor finishes work in/on:

      Cold storage/freezers cool rooms


      Hotels/ Clubs



      Pool surrounds/ Swimming pool equipment rooms

      Take away shops

      Retail outlets

      Plant rooms

      Warehouses 20 sqm to 10000 sqm or more


      Driveways/ Carparks



      Shopping malls

      Motor vehicle workshops

      Industrial workshops


      Concrete Floor Finishes


      With so many different coating systems how do we choose the correct one for you?

      • Service conditions need to be evaluated to define physical requirements
      • Evaluation of the concrete floor is necessary to determine its age, joints, strength and overall integrity
      • Other issues need to be considered – aesthetics, maintenance-free periods, budget and application parameters
      • UV impact
      • Anti-slip requirements
      • Then, an appropriate flooring system can be selected


      Product choices

      1. Epoxy
      2. Acrylic
      3. Polyurethane
      4. Polyaspartic
      5. Metallic

      Finish choices

      1. Concrete densifier – penetrates and leaves the concrete with the same aesthetics but reduces dust
      2. Clear coating- aggregate exposed concrete
      3. Tinted coating- choose a colour from our website
      4. Quartz – looks like coloured sand
      5. Flake – looks like terazzo

      Chatwoods Chase Sydney Shopping Centre

      Entrance to the shop from the carpark.

      Concrete Floor Finishes coatings Benefits

      Friendly, personal service

      E-coat is a family business incorporated in 2009 with Geoff Andrew as the managing partner. 

      Fast service.

      In most cases, weather permitting, we can restore floors quickly – minimising any disruption.

      A full range of finishes

      to match your architecture…from pure ‘industrial-strength’ coatings to decorative coatings



      Let us recommend a product or finish best suited to your scope of work. Its also environmentally-friendly.



      We have a big beautiful home in Caringbah with a garage and storage area with raw concrete. I wanted to reduce dust to make it a suitable area for my children to play in. When it was finished the floor looked perfect! Everyone loved it, loved it, loved it. I was also very happy with the service and would be happy to recommend e-coat to anyone.
      Danielle Porter

      I was building a new home for a client and they had a wooden stair case from the upstairs landing on a large concrete plinth. The architect’s intention was to have polished concrete, but when the formwork was removed the air pockets in the concrete needed so many repairs polished concrete was out of the question. So we covered the whole plinth with a flake finish and it looked even better!
      Anthony Aiello

      I needed a floor that would stay level to the rest of the centres floor after removing carpet tiles. e-coat installed the floor in one day and it was in use the very next day. I’ve had a lot of comments that the floor is “beautiful” and “looks magic” and as well as people asking me where to get it.
      Colin Mead

      Twinkle Star Day Care Centre / Owner


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