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Creating Attractive Foyers with Polished Concrete

If you are looking to create a grand entrance in your foyer or front hall, polished concrete floors can create a dramatic and eye catching feel. Grand Entrance You can use a polished marble look to complement the stunning sparkle of a crystal chandelier. Place a round table at the foot of the stairs atop […]

Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Safe with Non Slip Epoxy

A restaurant kitchen can be a hectic place with hot foods and liquids sloshing about. If you want to avoid costly kitchen staff accidents you should consider applying a non slip epoxy floor to this vital area of your business. Safe and Hygienic Non-slip epoxy floors offer you a safe and hygienic option for your […]

Decorative Concrete for Attractive Office Receptions

If you are looking for an office reception design that will offer high impact, speak to your brand but not break your budget; decorative concrete floors may be the answer. Myriad of Colours You can create the look and feel you want with a myriad of colours available. You can choose the colours on your […]

Great Outdoor Uses for Concrete Resurfacing at Home

Concrete resurfacing has become a go to choice for many treatments around the home. You can find wonderful ways to use concrete resurfacing on your property to create truly memorable, comfortable settings. Front Yard and Driveway The way people approach your home is the first impression they will have of what to expect within. You […]

E-Coat Warehouse Flooring

Warehouses around the world are often the headquarters of distribution to the brands we rely on for daily tasks.  They are normally the centre link to our cleaning supplies, our food, or daily material that from sun up to sun down use as a basic means for living.  E-Coat, a brand in itself, specialises in […]

E-Coat Decorative Concrete Finishes

You are a homeowner and you have just invested into a mortgage.  Most likely, you are looking at ways to specialise your home.  You want to do something different and are looking at your living room or your kitchen and you begin to look at the floor and various ideas pop to mind.  You think […]

E-Coat Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete is one of the leading materials that coat the floors of many of the most basic designed buildings.  It may not even come to mind to the common consumer, but those responsible for its maintenance, it is a top priority.  What a building is made up of is a factor in regard to the […]

E-Coat Garage Floor Coating

\Many homeowners extend amongst their prized possessions a garage to properly store various tools, along with vehicles and other special belongings.  Amongst these individuals, how many take the time to really think about proper maintenance for keeping their value and durability at its peak?  The small things are often the largest contributors to whether something […]

Flooring Strategies for Challenging Layouts

When you are tackling a challenging floor plan, the flooring you lay can prove challenging as well. The versatility and seamless flooring epoxy offers can be a great solution in these tricky rooms. Include Your Niche Rooms with little niches can create a sense of separateness. A good way to include the niche in the […]

Versatile Epoxy Floors are Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Epoxy floors have graduated to a more sophisticated level of design. Available in so many varied stone designs and custom colour options, epoxy is fast becoming the floor of choice for many designers seeking new and adaptable flooring options. There are many uses for epoxy floors both indoors and out. Garage The epoxy floor has […]

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